“Liberia Needs to Become a Tech Center” – Presidential Candidate, Allen Brown

There are more microprocessors in computer chips fabricated every year than the annual grains of rice harvested globally.

All the grains of rice do not equal the number of microprocessors and computer chips that are made.  Liberia needs to become a tech center, getting the right internet connections, training and subsequently hiring because all the big companies look for tech people whether it’s data entry, programmers, or other specialists.

We need to put the right infrastructure in place, tax regimes in place, so we create legions of tech savvy professionals.

I’m talking about potentially creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, millions of jobs that are comparable internationally.

We can no longer play catch up.  It’s time to get ahead, and we can get ahead.   Liberia must become a technological giant.  Liberia must live up to its God ordained greatness.

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