Liberia: No Change in Indian Rice Export Policy

–Embassy clarifies

The Indian Embassy near Monrovia says there is no change in export policy of Nona Basmati Rice (Par Boiled Rice) and Basmati Rice, which forms the Bulk of Rice exports.

Through a release issued here, the Embassy noted that bulk of the rice imported by Liberia from India is parboiled rice.

“In order to ensure adequate availability of Non-Basmati White Rice in the Indian market and to allay the rise in prices in the domestic market, the Government of India has amended the Export Policy of above variety from ‘Free with export duty of 206’ to ‘Prohibited’ with immediate effect,” the release said.

The Embassy issued the clarity following a recent publication by this paper in which opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) Presidential Candidate Simeon Freeman warned the Government and people of Liberia of a serious looming rice crisis.

The businessman-turned-politician cited a ban imposed on exportation of rice by India, one of the biggest exporters on the global stage.

According to Mr. Freeman, Liberia is expected to face serious rice shortage and food insecurity due to India’s refusal to export rice based on some global factors.

The top 5 rice exporting countries in the world include India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the United States of America which generated approximately three-quarters (72.8%) of the global value for rice exports in 2022.

He further indicated that the Government of India had allegedly banned the exportation of rice due to the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Also, he said that the Indian government pointed out that their reason to ban the exportation of rice was due to the climatic condition. He said they are keeping rice, sugar, and other agricultural products to themselves until a remedy is found.


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