Mozambique: CNE Approves Municipal Candidates

After the checks on the regularity and authenticity of the documents in the files of each of the election candidates, the CNE will meet tomorrow (Wednesday, 16 August) to approve the decision which accepts or rejects the lists of candidates. The final list should be drawn up and distributed at the end of the day, and the lists of candidates will be posted at the premises of the electoral bodies on Thursday.

The CIP Elections Bulletin knows that in principle the lists of all 22 political parties, coalitions of parties and groups of citizens were approved. There was an unsuccessful attempt, inside the Nampula Provincial Elections Commission, to disqualify the “Association of Friends of Amurrane for a Better Mozambique – KÓXUKHURO”, supposedly because some of the candidates did not write their full names on the lists. But on their documents everything was in order.


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