Mozambique: Eight Citizens’ Groups to Stand in 11 October Municipal Elections

Eight independent citizens’ groups will stand in this year’s municipal elections, more than in 2018, should they all be approved. This may indicate a greater interest of citizens in participating in municipal affairs without joining political parties.

The number could rise to nine, if the New Matola-Rio Association, manages to submit its papers, which are currently delayed. In 2018 there were five citizens lists.

The CNE announced on Saturday, 12 August, that it has received nomination papers from 22 out of the 31 organisations that registered – 11 political parties, three coalitions of political parties, and eight independent citizens’ lists.

Parties and groups intending to stand had to first register with the National Elections Commission by 14 July, and then by 11 August present a list of enough candidates to fill all seats in the assembly, plus three alternates, each with six documents.

Two parties did not present nomination papers, UM and PANAMO. The Ecologist Party has joined a coalition with the MDM. Two lists did not present candidates, AJAMO and AEIP. Two parties – PODEMOS, RD (Democratic Revolution) – and one list -the New Matola-Rio Association – delayed presenting their nomination papers but may still be able to stand.

List of nomination papers received

Approved candidacies will be announced by Thursday (17 August)

Each candidate must present six documents:

+ Notarised copy of their identity card

+ Notarised copy of the voters card

+ Document verifying residence in the municipality

+ Criminal record certificate

+ Declaration that they accept the party agent

+ Declaration that they are eligible to stand

Each party or list must present enough candidates to fill all seats in the assembly, plus at least three alternates.

Checking the regularity and authenticity of documents has already begun, and the process could be concluded today (14 August). On Tuesday, the National Elections Commission could approve the decision which accepts or rejects particular candidacies. The final list must be announced  Thursday 17 August. Parties and lists than have until 20 August to make any protests.

The formal election campaign period, which grants extra rights for meetings and marches, is  26 September through 8 October. But parties and lists can begin campaigning now, within the limits of normal laws restricting noise and public meetings. There can be no campaigning on 9 and 10 October. Voting is on 11 October. Initial results and parallel counts should be available by 13 October.


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