Mozambique: Police Block March to Present Renamo Mayoral Candidate in Vilankulo

Renamo organised a parade through the streets of Vulankulo to present its mayoral candidate, Joaquim Quinito Vilanculo, on Sunday, 13 August. Along the route, a police vehicle appeared and blocked the march, causing a conflict which came close to physical clashes, as shown in this video.

The police  blocked an open truck that was carrying members of Renamo, but were unable to present the passage of dozens of motorbikes that were accompanying the march. Moments later the unit of the national police (PRM) received reinforcements from the local Municipal Police.

In the midst of discussions and shoving, the Renamo youths were shouting “We’re going to march! Mozambique is ours!”; “We are presenting our Mayor, who will be elected on October 11!”, “The struggle continues!”; “You have no shame!”; “This is a disgrace for Vilankulo!”; “Frelimo’s gone crazy!”; “If you provoke us, we shall reply with our hands!”

This falls into one of the recognised categories of “electoral violence”, raising fears that this year’s municipal elections may be characterised by violence.


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