South Africa: Eleven Years After the Marikana Massacre, Calls for Justice Persist – South African News Briefs – August 16, 2023


Eleven Years After the Marikana Massacre, Calls for Justice Persist

Scores of mineworkers are expected to gather at the Marikana koppie near Rustenburg in the North West to commemorate the killing of 34 mineworkers in 2012, reports SABC News. Their deaths followed a protracted strike by mineworkers demanding better wages and living conditions. Association of Mineworkers & Construction Union (AMCU) President Joseph Mathunjwa is expected to address the gathering, along with widows of the deceased and survivors of the tragedy. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has been accused of dragging its feet on the prosecution of the police officers responsible for the massacre. The widows and families of the victims are demanding justice. The NPA has blamed the delay on a shortage of human resources.

Kibo Energy Makes Significant Gas Discovery Near Secunda

JSE-listed Kibo Energy has made a significant gas discovery near Secunda in South Africa, close to major pipelines used Sasol, Eskom, and other industrial gas consumers, reports Moneyweb. The discovery is estimated to exceed 10 trillion cubic feet in volume, more than twice the initially reported five trillion cubic feet. Nick de Blocq, the CEO of Kinetiko Energy, a subsidiary of Kibo, confirmed the discovery in the ‘272’ exploration right block (ER272) adjoining the Secunda region and the Lilly gas pipeline leading to Durban. The exact magnitude of the discovery is undisclosed due to a restraint of trade agreement. Kinetiko Energy, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, has temporarily suspended trading pending a forthcoming project update announcement.

South African Doctor Found Guilty of Murdering Her Three Children in New Zealand  

South African doctor Lauren Dickason has been convicted of three counts of murder by strangling and smothering her 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old twins in their New Zealand home in September 2021, reports News24. Despite pleading not guilty, Dickason was found guilty by a majority jury verdict after a five-week trial. The jury, consisting of eight women and four men, deliberated for several days before reaching a decision. The court heard arguments from both the prosecution, who contended that stressors in Dickason’s life led her to snap, and the defence, which argued her actions were influenced by postpartum depression worsened by various factors. Dickason remains in custody following the verdict.

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