Nigeria: Group Slams Akpbaio, Says ‘No Delta Lawmaker Heads Standing Committee in Senate’

The Niger Delta Development Association (NDDA), a prominent community group, has appealed to Senate President Godswill Akpabio to appoint a senator from Delta State as the head of one of the standing committees of the 10th Assembly Senate.

This demand was voiced at a press briefing held in Abuja, led by the group’s National Convener, Iteveh Nur’ Ekpokpobe.

“We frown at the constitution of the committees in the Senate, while some states have more than one, Delta has none,” stated Ekpokpobe.

He criticized the current committee allocation as a calculated ‘affront’ to the people of Delta State, especially considering the state’s significant contribution to Nigeria’s oil production and therefore, its economic development.

Delta State, one of Nigeria’s leading oil producers, has been overlooked in the appointment of committee chair positions, according to the NDDA.

The group argues that the distribution of committee chairs among states is disproportionate.

“Out of seventy-four committees in the Senate, states in the south-south region like Cross River got three, Rivers State has two, Akwa Ibom State has two, Edo and Bayelsa states have one each while Delta State has none at all,” Ekpokpobe lamented.

The NDDA accused Senate President Akpabio of showing favoritism towards certain states while neglecting others.

“Despite the fact that Delta has some of the most credible senators, we find it difficult to believe that this could happen as an omission,” Ekpokpobe maintained, indicating a belief in deliberate bias.

The group expects corrections to be made upon the Senate’s return from recess, to avoid fostering an impression of neglect towards certain states.

The convener implored the Senate President to address this ‘mistake.’

He stated, “Ordinarily, if two committees are allocated to the 36 states each, there would still be two more to go. This means, invariably, that there is really no reason why a state cannot get at least one committee.”

The NDDA underscored the significance of Delta State in Nigeria’s politics and economy, arguing against its relegation in national matters.

Ekpokpobe concluded, “We look forward to a kind and swift response from the Senate leadership, in order to avert unnecessary agitators that may degenerate to a breakdown of law and order in the region.”


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