Kenya: Odinga Urges Counties to Focus on Programs That Will Create Jobs

Nairobi — Opposition leader Raila Odinga has urged County governments not to charge extra levies but instead focus on investing in programs that will create jobs and put money in people’s pockets.

Addressing the Devolution Conference held in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu county on Thursday Odinga has called upon county governments to be their own models of creativity and innovations.

“Do not copy how the national government is practicing devolution, do it in your own way, be your own model,” he said.

The opposition leader says Instead of the county governments increasing charges for services delivered to the people they should focus on investing in development projects that will support economic growth by creating job opportunities especially for the jobless youths.

“County governments should not increase charges for services they provide in order to gain more revenue but work compassionately on projects that generate money, build roads for your people and this will give you great return,” he stated.

The former prime minister has also encouraged county governments to allocate more funds in the cash transfer program to cushion the poor during tough economic periods adding that the controller of Budget and the central bank of Kenya need to re-examine the law concerning County Allocation Acts which contains a disbursement schedule.

“The National Treasury does not need to write a letter to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to disburse funds to county governments,” Odinga said.

Odinga has revealed that Kenya has marked a great milestone since devolution started over 10 years ago adding that the country now is a much-transformed landscape with amazing opportunities for rural economic revival.

“There is now economic transformation in rural areas and some previously dead towns and market centers are beaming with life after devolution,” he said.

Odinga has further pointed out that a new number of middle-class people whose members have not stepped foot into any large city in Kenya is rising across the country all thanks to Devolution.

“Kenya made the best choice by endorsing devolution 13 years ago even if it was not an easy victory,” Odinga revealed.

This is the 8th Devolution Conference attended by the former prime minister Raila Odinga Since devolution started.


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