Somalia – Journalist Arrested After Exposing Alleged Corruption Within Police

The IFJ-affiliate noted that the detained journalist is being singled out due to the performance of his journalistic duties and was operating well within the framework of his professional and constitutional rights.

In a statement calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul, NUSOJ General Secretary Omar Faruk Osman underlined: “It is rather perplexing that, instead of focusing on investigating the alleged crimes brought to light in the story, the police have chosen to exert their full force against the journalist as a means of intimidation […] The arrest and detention of journalists based on suspicions arising from their journalistic work are categorically unacceptable.”

IFJ Deputy General Secretary Tim Dawson said: “We condemn the arbitrary arrest of Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul’s that is designed to silence and stop him from exposing alleged corruption and preventing him from carrying out his journalistic duties. Somali people deserve a free press and journalists on the ground must be able to work without fear of interference and in safe working conditions. We call for the immediate release of our colleague and the launch of an investigation into the case.”


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