Zimbabwe: Fight Us If You Really Want Power – Zanu-PF’s Mutsvangwa Tells Opposition Parties – Urges Them to Stop Complaining On International Fora

ZANU PF Spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa has told opposition parties to consider waging a war with Zimbabwe’s government if they really want power and feel the country is being mismanaged.

Mutsvangwa did not mince his words Wednesday while speaking at Chatham House’s Africa Programme on Zimbabwe’s August 23 elections.

His comments came after complaints from Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere, Presidential aspirant Elisabeth Valerio and Zapu Secretary General Mthulisi Hanana in attendance.

The opposition parties had raised questions over Zanu PF sponsored abuse, politically motivated violence, disregard for basic rights and Zimbabwe’s waning economy.

Hanana fingered the party in all acts of political violence, arguing that Zanu PF was always “the common denominator in such matters whether they involve CCC, Zapu or any other party.”

Mutsvangwa, one of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s closest allies having been one of the chief engineers of a 2017 coup that catapulted him to power, leapt to his defence.

He told attendants Zimbabwe had been fought for and the only way opposition parties could ensure it is reformed to their liking was if they replicate what they did, engage neighbouring countries and wage a war ‘of liberation.’

“Rather than complaining to the audience which has gathered here about your gripes, left right and centre, I would rather you fly back to Zimbabwe, go to the electorate, convince them of the arguments you have given here so they vote for you,” said Mutsvangwa.

“All the things which are on your laundry list of what Zanu PF has done to you, you then correct when you are in power after 23 August.

“We did not find the Zimbabwean state, it was not given to us, it was not inherited like some African states we fought for it.

“For you to come from somewhere and say you want Zimbabwe to be reformed to suit your circumstances I say go the way we did. Go and fight the Zimbabwean state, go outside the country wherever you want and then form your own state.”

Zanu PF bigwigs have been under targeted sanctions from Western countries for various reasons which include failure to respect human rights since the early 2000s.

The party has since then failed to discard its bad-boy tag with a series of re-engagement attempts failing.

Mutsvangwa’s comments most likely paint a gloomy image just over a week before Zimbabweans decide who takes over as President, Members of Parliament and Councillors.

Mnangagwa faces competition from 11 other contestants including main rival Nelson Chamisa of the CCC. Various other outfits are contesting parliamentary and council seats.

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