Liberia: Public Works & Health Ministers Make Passionate Plead for Weah’s Re-Election At Huge Rivercess Citizen Rally

Rivercess County — The Public Works Minister, Ruth Coker Collins, and the Minister of Health, Wilhemina Jallah, have urged the people of Rivercess County to support President George Weah’s bid for another six-year term.

The Ministers argued that President Weah’s first term in office has brought about positive changes in road infrastructure development, economic stability, education, and the expansion of basic healthcare to rural communities. They believe these accomplishments provide a solid basis for the Liberian people to trust him with another term in office.

Both Ministers, who hail from Rivercess County, made this plea on Saturday as they officially launched the “Team Ruth Coker Collins” for President Weah’s re-election campaign at the Cestos City Hall, following a grand parade that included hundreds of citizens.

In separate remarks, Public Works Minister Ruth Coker-Collins praised President Weah’s resilience in the face of difficulties. She highlighted his efforts to strengthen the education system, including paying WASSCE fees, declaring public institutions tuition-free, and constructing hospitals, schools, and roads.

Minister Coker-Collins also emphasized President Weah’s humble beginnings and deep sense of humanity, describing him as approachable and down-to-earth. She noted his inclusive leadership style, saying, “President Weah is a leader who does not pick and choose; if you are qualified, he will give you a chance to serve.” She shared her own journey from the Old Road community slum to becoming a minister, emphasizing that anyone in the hall could achieve similar success, regardless of their background.

Minister Collins branded Weah as “the future of Liberia” and disclosed several infrastructure expansion plans the government has for Rivercess County, which holds special significance as the president’s deceased mother’s home.

“We must come out on October 10 and vote for President Weah because, in a few months, the streets of Cestos will be paved,” she announced. “We are finalizing negotiations to pave the road from Buchanan to Cestos Junction and to Attia. In our budget, we have plans to pave Timbo Road and negotiate to build a bridge over Cestos River. These projects have already started, and that’s why you must re-elect President Weah so that he can continue.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Dr. Wilhemina Jallah, thanked President Weah for the hospital constructed in Rivercess and urged her fellow citizens to support his second term. She emphasized that President Weah has a comprehensive healthcare plan for Rivercess County and the entire country. Dr. Jallah highlighted the government’s investments in healthcare, including salary and wage increases for health workers and the removal of non-resident health providers from the government payroll.

“We can’t stop now; we are almost there, so I encourage you all to vote for President Weah on October 10,” concluded Dr. Jallah, who hails from Rivercess County.

Public Works Minister Ruth Coker Collins also announced that she, along with Minister Dr. Jallah and Labor Minister Cllr. Charles Gibson, would cover the registration costs for all students at the government-run Cestos High School. She encouraged the people of Rivercess to support female candidates in their pursuit of greater political participation.

Minister Collins reminded the audience of the importance of the party’s unity and support for its candidates, saying, “The party remains supreme, so we have to ensure that the party is supreme.” She expressed her support for women’s empowerment and encouraged everyone to support women candidates.

Minister Collins concluded by thanking her team for organizing the event and urged the people of Rivercess County to remember the remarkable journey of growth, progress, and shared achievements under the CDC administration. She expressed her belief that a second term for President Weah would continue to promote and improve the well-being of all Liberians, as he has done since his election as President.


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