Liberian Own Food Delivery Company ‘Balance Bowl’ Sold to a Nigerian Lady

Monrovia — Andrea Kamara, the owner of a food delivery service, the Balance Bolw after several years of service both in Liberia and Nigeria has sold her company to a Nigerian lady Omolara Olarerin, the Chief Executive Officer of PocketFood.oi in Nigeria.

Madam Kamara speaking with FrontPage Africa said after graduating from university she took on to establish a cookshop at her home.

According to her, it was more than a cook food. It was healthy, she got a driver who used to do the delivery.

She said at fresh, it was not easy but because of the good preparation of the food, her clients increased most of whom were cooperate workers. However, her business had a twist after the drawdown of UN Mission in Liberia.

“From ELWA to Bushrod Island, my customers base were expatriates but when the UN has drawn down their forces my numbers dropped,” she told FPA.

Madam Kamara later moved to Lago City in Nigeria and took the business there. With a huge population in Lago she was able to build an app for customers to track their orders.

The first app she built became a mess and could not be used. Later, she was able to build the second app through a group after she visited South Africa for a business summit.

“I went to the business conference in South Africa and met with few guys. I told them about building another app but don’t have money. They told me that they could build the app but would want a share in my company and I promised them,” she said.

In 2020, the COVID-19 came and Madam Kamara said she left Nigeria, shut business down and went over to her family in the United States of Americans.

She spent more than two years in the United States of America. She is now the co-founder of an agro-tech company adding that she is so much engage with her new initiative to run a food delivery service in Nigeria. For that reason she had to sell her company to a Nigeria lady that is involved in similar business.

“A friend of mine introduced me to a young lady who was doing similar thing, she provides lunch for cooperation workers. She asked me what are you doing with the Balance Bolw and I told her I don’t know yet. And she approach me and said she would offered to buy my company,” Kamara explains.

She continues: “Initially, I said no, it was my baby, I don’t want to give my company out yet, I still have hope that I was going to come back to revive my company but I have been offered to join another company that is involved in agro-tech and I am a co-founder, I also had just given birth. And so, I later called back and asked her do you still want to buy my company and she yes, we went through the negotiation and that is how I sold the company.”

Madam Kamara added: ‘So, this company is a Liberian company but it is just happened to be sold in Nigeria.”

With over 1000 dedicated subscribers, Balance Bowl has demonstrated its commitment to reshaping how Africans approach their health and wellness journeys, Omolara Olarerin, the Chief Executive Officer of PocketFood told a media outlet in Nigeria after the purchase of the Balance Bolw from Madam Kamara.

“This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both and Balance Bowl,” stated Madam Olarerin, CEO of PocketFood.

Madam Olarerin added that the combination is convenient and will seek the well-being for her subscribers.

“PocketFood’s mission has always been to simplify the lunch experience for Africans, and now, with Balance Bowl’s expertise, we’re poised to elevate workplace nutrition to an entirely new level,” she said.

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