Mozambique: – Herd of Six Elephants Invades Residential Areas in Boane

Maputo — A herd of six elephants has been circulating in residential areas of Picoco neighbourhood, in the southern municipality of Boane, about 30 kilometres from Maputo, since Sunday.

The National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) has confirmed the case and claims that measures are already being taken to monitor the movement of the animals.

“We would like to inform the local authorities and all residents in general that since this morning a herd of six elephants, supposedly lost, has been in the area of Picoco neighbourhood and this evening in Belo Horizonte III’, reads a statement from the Municipality of Boane.

According to ANAC, in order to ensure that the elephants do not pose a danger to the population, preventive measures have already been put in place, which consisted of locating the elephants in order to scare them back to their normal habitat.

“The appearance of elephants in some localities in the districts of Namaacha, Boane, Matutuíne, Moamba, Magude and Manhiça, in Maputo province, is due to the connection between the natural elephant corridors in this region since Maputo province has always been a privileged ecosystem for pachyderms due to its ecological richness’, says the document.

In the meantime, while actions are underway to chase the elephants away, the Municipality of Boane “is appealing to residents to take the necessary precautions, avoid approaching the animals, do not take photographs using flash or mobile phone lights, and avoid chasing them away with any means whatsoever.’


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