Nigeria: Restore Michika’s Lost Glory, Youths Tell Adamawa Govt

Indigenous youths of Michika communities in Michika local government area of Adamawa State under the auspices of Michika Development Initiative (MDI) have called on the state and federal government to help restore the council to its glory before the insurgence ravaged its communities.

The chairman of the MDI association, Ibrahim Ezekiel Sini, made the call after he was declared winner of the association election, where other executives were elected, including Mr. Jacob Gadiga as vice chairman, Joseph Diribi as general secretary, Mrs. Patience Simon as women leader, Dr. Zakariya Kwanta as financial secretary among others.

He said Michika as a rural local government whose people are mainly farmers, needs government support in the provision of farm implements, fertilizer, seedlings, and other agricultural items to boost agriculture in the state and the entire country.

According to him, Michika is a fertile place, and they can even go into both dry and rainy season farming, so they want the government to intervene and support them in restoring Michika to its former glory so that they can be on a global map in terms of development.

Sini, while speaking on what the new leadership of the association would do to improve the well-being of youths in the area, said that they will work to promote harmony, peace, progress, and unity among their fellow members.

“I will commit to developing and implementing programs that improve our members’ total well-being, including their socioeconomic advancement, educational/intellectual advancement, cultural enrichment, and health etc.

“By working with both state and non-state institutions, I will zealously defend the legitimate interests of our members and promote their inclusion in hiring decisions, executive appointments, merit promotions, and other initiatives that tap into their potential to advance Michika and society at large.

“Our association will be guided by discipline and decency to ensure that it continues to be a beacon of respectful behavior and responsible members.

“I commit to uphold and preserve our cultural heritage through research-based projects, policy-making, and educational initiatives that support the future development of our cultures and develop revenue-generating projects and businesses for the benefit of our members and the larger Michika communities,” he said.

He also promised that they will support members’ jobs and companies, encourage maximum utility gains, and enhance their general welfare to encourage local self-sufficiency.

“We will start projects, seminars, and rallies to improve the lives of locals and promote harmony while also helping our native communities grow and cohabit peacefully,” he said.

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