Kenya: Ruto Pledges to Support Commercilization of State-Owned Sugar Factories, Write Off Debts

Nairobi — President William Ruto has said that he fully supports commercialization of state-owned sugar factories and modernization.

He criticized those against it, asserting the government’s failure in managing the mills despite attempts to revitalize.

“We will have to agree on how to handle such business as a government. Now we will not do the same thing of remitting money on the business and some people are using for their own benefits and we can’t continue doing this, we will solve it once and for all,” he said.

“We have to sort out the issue of sugar because it affects and touches the majority of Kenyans and that is what we are doing currently,” he added.

Ruto said in a few weeks’ time, he will solve the problems bedeviling the state-owned sugar factories across the country, especially the debts.

He highlighted debts of upto Sh117 billion from five sugar factories including Mumias Sugar Company as he pledged to clear these under his leadership.

“I promise the people of this country that I will write off all debts amounting to Sh117 billion facing our factories. We have passed in our cabinet to write off the debts and the matter is before the national assembly. I know in the next few weeks the legislators will have to write off the debts as the first step so that I can plan well on the issue of sugarcane,” said Ruto.

“Those cartels in the sector who think there is someone who they can send to come and talk to us, this time it is not going to be possible. Others mentioned Rai, who is that called Rai?This is the public resources and we will not allow anyone to take advantage of people in this region the government will protect them.”

The Cabinet approved the commercialization of six sugar millers to tackle issues confronting sugarcane farmers nationwide.

However, due to persistent objections from stakeholders in sugarcane-growing areas, the government shelved its privatization plans for state-owned sugar firms.


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