Kenya: Army Recruitment Kicks Off Amid Warnings Against Bribe Taking

Nairobi — Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) has launched the nationwide recruitment exercise on Monday till September 8th.

Candidates will fill slots in the Defense Forces Constables, Recruits, and Officer Cadets.

Lieutenant General Jonah Mwangi, the Vice Chief of Defense Forces, presided over the launch of the exercise on Monday in Nairobi at the Defence Headquarters cautioned anyone looking to join the military against accepting bribes.

“Members of the public are advised from fraud since it violates KDF values more so the value of integrity,” Mwangi said.

“In this regard, anyone purporting to have influence to recruit a potential candidate outside the designated recruitment centers or mechanisms stated in this briefing must be avoided.”

Mwangi stated that strict rules have been implemented to stop instances of fraud in the recruitment process.

“Measures have been put in place encompassing use of intelligence operatives’ anti- corruption officers and the use of media,” Mwangi said.

“We request wananchi in exercise of their actual mandate to volunteer information of any suspicious activities by reporting to the recruiting teams on the ground or in the alternative call on our mobile phone numbers.”

To preserve the highest standards of personnel inside the force, he highlighted the significance of the selection process.

Mwangi said that some traits, like stammering, tattoos, and teeth discoloration, could prevent someone from being recruited.

“People who stammer don’t do it by choice, but again, it’s competitive. This is a career; it’s not just any job. It requires very good communication,” Mwangi said.

Mwangi emphasized the value of excellent communication in the military and insisted that applicants should be able to do it, particularly under pressure.

He pointed out that stammering could make it difficult to communicate clearly, which would make a candidate less suitable for the armed forces.

Tattoos, which are frequently considered a form of self-expression, were included in the list of requirements, according to Mwangi.

He explained that people with tattoos that were clearly visible on their bodies would be excluded due to their moral character.

“Get this from me you are not going to join the armed forces if you are spotting a tattoo,” he said.

He continued by saying the KDF has identified 374 recruitment centers spread over 47 counties and highlighted that recruiters will interview the applicants.

The ministry announced new recruitment into KDF in August and September 2023.


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