Kenya: Mbadi to Face Caroli Omondi for Suba South Parliamentary Seat in 2027

Kisumu — ODM National Chairperson John Mbadi has announced that he will be vying for Suba South parliamentary seat in 2027, a position he held before opting to gunner for the Homa Bay Gubernatorial seat in the 2022 General Election.

Mbadi, who is a Nominated MP in the National Assembly, will take on Caroli Omondi, who secured the seat on an ODM ticket.

His resolve to get back to his seat was necessitated by the Omondi’s decision to work with the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, despite being a member of Azimio Coalition.

Caroli is among a section of legislators from the Nyanza region who opted to work closely with President William Ruto.

“I want to make it clear that John Mbadi is back and is going to contest for the Suba South parliamentary seat,” Mbadi said during an ODM party baraza in Suba South on Tuesday.

He accused Omondi of being disloyal to the party that sponsored him to the National Assembly.

“He (Omondi) has gone against the wishes of our party leader (Raila Odinga) and for that I must pull him out of that seat come the next general election,” he stated.

In 2022, Mbadi campaigned for Homa Bay Gubernatorial seat and dropped the ambition after it became apparent that ODM would not conduct party nominations, opting to hand Gladys Wanga, who went ahead to win the seat, a direct ticket.

Mbadi became a vocal critic of Governor Wanga accusing her of running down the county before he toned down.

The nominated lawmaker exuded confidence that in 2027 he will send the current MP into political oblivion.

“The old hand is coming back to take his seat in 2027 and Caroli (Omondi) will be gone for good in matters of politics of this constituency,” he said.

Mbadi was first elected to parliament in 2007 after defeating former MP Zadock Syongo.

Omondi has however described Mbadi as a failure saying there wasa nothing to show for his fifteen years of serve as Suba South MP.

“The constituency is shining and I will not look back in ensuring I bring more development to the people,” said Omondi said of his stint as area lawmaker.

The MP noted that he will not shy away from working with the current government and his return to parliament in 2027 should not be pegged on the ODM party.

“I can assure you that I will be back as MP for Suba South in 2027, with or without the ODM party. The people of Suba South will give me direction when the right time comes,” he said.

Omondi contended the people of Suba, for the first time since independence, are seeing a tarmacked road, an indication of good tidings in the Kenya Kwanza government.

“I have no other interest, I am ready to face my fate,” he declared at a recent public meeting.


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