South Africa: ‘This City Needs Help!’

In an exclusive interview given before she officially resigned from the Johannesburg City Council, Dr Mpho Phalatse told Scrolla.Africa the truth about the state of the city and what lies ahead in her future.

She came out firing against the “power-hungry” who had blocked her ambitious plans to improve the city.

“There was a huge chance to make the city work for its residents. The good plans we initiated would be bearing their fruit. But all that was stolen by power hungry people,” she said.

“The city needs help. All I wanted for the city was for it to be fixed. Whether by me or by anyone else who has the best interest for the city. It doesn’t have to be me only.”

She said after she was ousted as mayor, she didn’t raise her hand to become a caucus leader for her party because she realised that it was time for a change in her career.

She said that she’s stepping away from politics to return to her previous life in medicine.

“I am not joining any other party at the moment. I want to go back to business in the health sector,” she said.

“I will make a comeback in politics at a later stage in life but for now, my focus is to be on business and spending time with my family,” she said.

She said many people still see her as a mayor. “I receive enquiries from the residents. I still speak to people who are in high positions in the city. Nothing has changed.”

Speaking on whether she will leave the DA for any other political home, Phalatse said: “I am not focusing on that right now.

“My focus now is rebuilding my life. I need to take care of my children at the moment.

“The time will come when I will make that political decision. For now, changing a political home is not something that keeps me awake at night. I remain a DA member and I will continue serving as a DA member.”


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