Kenya: 48 Passengers Evacuated Safely After Bus Fire Along Narok-Mai Mahiu Road

Nairobi — Forty-eight passengers traveling on Ena Coach bus escaped unhurt after the vehicle burst into flames in the Nairegie Enkare area along the Narok-Mai Mahiu Road in Narok County.

A statement by Ena Coach Chief Executive officer Richard Mogire on Wednesday stated the bus experienced a front tire burst while ascending the hill after Suswa towards Nairegie-Enkare area.

The driver stopped to assess the situation only to realize the bus had already caught fire, Mogire reported.

“Upon discovering fire, our vigilant crew acted quickly ensuring the safe evacuation of all passengers from the burning bus. We are relieved to inform you that no casualties or injuries were reported during this incident,” Mogire said.

He noted that the company had sent a rescue bus to the spot in order to transport the passengers who had been evacuated from the burning bus to their next destination.

Mogire reaffirmed the firm’s commitment to a thorough investigation to identify the fire’s primary cause and avert a recurrence.

“We are working with relevant authorities to determine the root cause and take appropriate actions to ensure the highest standards of safety of our passengers,” he said.


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