Kenya: Why I Skipped President Ruto’s Tour in Vihiga – Osotsi

Nairobi — Vihiga Senator Godfrey Osotsi has decided to snub President William Ruto’s tour in the county saying the tour deemed as a development tour was merely a United Democratic Alliance(UDA) affair.

In a statement, Osotsi termed President Ruto’s tour in the region- as a desperate attempt to resuscitate the fortunes of the UDA and its surrogates in Vihiga County while alienating Azimio La Umoja leaders in the region.

“This is particularly pertinent given the inability of UDA to deliver on electoral pledges coupled with punitive taxation and high cost of living, causing disenchantment among Vihiga County residents and the wider Kenyan populace,” he said.

The Vihiga Senator stated that as a duly elected senator, he was neither invited nor involved in any preliminary tour planning meetings by the organizers.

“This omission affirmed that the event was a UDA Party affair and representatives from the Kenya Kwanza coalition, devoid of genuine governmental or developmental intentions, contrary to the impression presented to Vihiga County residents,” Osotsi stated.

Osotsi explained that despite the elected leaders of Vihiga County holding extensive discussions with key government officials in January 2023 seven months since no subsequent feedback or progress reports have been provided on the developmental initiatives discussed.

“This absence of feedback has majorly been compounded by the assertions by key UDA leaders that some Kenyans are not shareholders despite being taxpayers,” he said.

Osotsi alluded to the fact that President Ruto’s development tour was more of a political theatrics aimed at hoodwinking the residents of Vihiga County.

He pointed out that many of the projects had already been inaugurated by President Ruto during his tenure as Deputy President, while others had already been inaugurated by the former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Ruto is expected to end his five-day tour in the Western region in Vihiga County today.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi had issued a warning to leaders opposing the government, cautioning them about potential exclusion from government-sponsored development initiatives.

He emphasized that leaders who skip presidential functions held in their respective regions risk isolating themselves development-wise by missing the opportunity to address the needs of their constituents.

“Failing to attend presidential meetings in your regions you lock yourselves out from directly addressing the issues that affect your people and need national intervention,” Mudavadi said on Saturday in Busia during the first day of the President’s five-day visit.

Conversely, he stressed that leaders who acknowledge the Presidency, regardless of their political affiliations, stand to bring significant benefits to their constituents.

“The President continues to tour different parts of the country and leaders who grace his meetings stand a better chance to have their issues addressed,” he said.

Mudavadi commended the leaders in Busia for displaying leadership qualities by attending the President’s meeting, regardless of their stance on the government’s agenda for the public.

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