Liberia: Cummings ‘Jehovah’s Witness’ Campaign Hits District # 9

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings on Wednesday, August 30, toured District #9, visited homes, shops and market halls, shook hands and gave out campaign posters to thousands of citizens, rallying their support for his Presidential bid in October.

A party stalwarts said Cummings shook hands with an estimated 3,000 residents in District #9, most of whom, met him for the first time and admired his door-to-door campaign initiative, indicative of his physical fitness, and promised to support his Presidential bid.

Cummings, Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), is the leading Presidential contender, who is rated as the best to replace the inept leadership of President George Weah of ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

His tour of Wroto Town, Airfield, New and Old Matadi, Fiamah, several densely populated slum communities in District #9, is part of his ongoing community engagement, giving hope and sharing his vision with citizens on the birth of the new Liberia.

Cummings has promised to fix the broken economy through massive job creation, improve the health and educational sectors, establish a government of national unity, inclusive of all competent and qualified Liberians, without discrimination of political and religious affiliations.

He has vowed to aggressively combat corruption, and halt the huge influx of dangerous drugs, which has ranked Liberia as a major drug hub and transit point in West Africa.

The CPP Standard Bearer said upon his election as President, U$20 million will be earmarked to kick off a loan scheme for Liberian entrepreneurs including market women to grow their businesses aimed at developing a strong private sector, which will be firmly controlled by Liberians.

District #9 has over 17 registered Representative Aspirants, with CPP Representative Aspirant Mr. Fubi Heneries as the leading opposition contender, according to several residents interviewed.

Cummings’ tour of District #9, under police escort, attracted hundreds of residents and marketers who braved the rain, joined the group and danced to tune “Alexander Cummings We Want.”

Cumming, along with hundreds of Partisans, supporters, sympathizers and well-wishers navigated their way from Fiamah through 24th Street, Sinkor and ended at the CPP 19th Street headquarters, where refreshments were held with plenty to eat and drink.

The CPP Standard Bearer expressed gratitude to the hundreds of Partisans and supporters for the stamina and physical fitness exhibited in touring the entire community of District #9, Montserrado County.

A CPP supporter, identified as Tamba Kollie, said the tour of District #9 was of great excitement and an exercise, and commended the CPP Standard Bearer for enduring five hours of physical movement, without resting along the way.


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