Zimbabwe: Ex-Minister Chombo Off the Hook As Prosecution Withdraws Criminal Charges Against Him

FORMER cabinet minister, Ignatius Chombo no longer has any criminal allegations against him after the prosecution Wednesday withdrew two charges that were remaining.

Chombo has been appearing in court with prosecution for the past five years without trial which resulted in other charges against him being quashed for lack of evidence.

He was first arrested in 2017 after being targeted as one of the “criminals that were surrounding the late former president Robert Mugabe”.

In the charges that were quashed Wednesday, it was alleged that he showed favour to one Alois Chiimba when he was still the Local government minister but the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) found no evidence to nail him.

Allegations were that on a date unknown to the prosecutor, the accused working in connivance with Rejoice Pazvakavambwa, Psychology Chiwanga, Iben Pransisco, James Chiyangwa, Theresa Chenjerayi, Ehas Chote and L. Chimimba manufactured a document which purported to have been made on 1 January 1997 with the intention of fraudulently acquiring Subdivisions “K” Portion of Nthaba Portion of Glen Lome from the City of Harare, signed and manufactured a fraudulent Lease Agreement to that affect.

It was alleged that during the period extending from 25 June 2004 and December 2009, Chombo and his accomplices forged documents that included a Lease to buy Agreement, Capital Gains Tax Clearance Certificate and purported that these documents were authentic and made by the City of Harare, with the concurrence of Local Government and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Officials.

After having acquired the Fraudulent Lease Documents of Subdivision ‘k Portion for Nthaba, Glen Lorne, Harare the accused later fraudulently transferred the property in question to Alois Chimimba.

The State alleged that by doing so, Chombo accused acted to the contrary and inconsistent with his duties as a public officer as his actions had the effect of showing favour to Alois Chimimba.

In March this year, the State withdrew charges of him misappropriating a US$14 billion Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe capital expenditure loan, which was meant for purchasing farm equipment but allegedly saw him divert the money to personal use including the purchase of two Toyota Hilux Vigo vehicles.

Kennedy Madekutsikwa from the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) said they had no evidence.

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