Liberia: Cummings Pledges to Fix Liberia As He Gets Mammoth Endorsement in Montserrado District 4

Paynesville — In a display of unity and support, thousands of Montserrado County District #4 residents gathered at a lively open field in the Soul Clinic Community to endorse the Collaborating Political Parties’ standard bearer, Alexander Cummings. The endorsement event also saw the backing of Montserrado County Senatorial candidate Victoria Torlo Koiquah and Lyee Bility, District #4 Representative candidate.

Addressing the mammoth crowd, Cummings made a solemn pledge to revitalize Liberia if entrusted with leadership. He declared, “The youth are the future of Liberia. I promise you, if you elect me, I will fix this country. I will transform your lives, and I will rebuild Liberia.” His words were met with thunderous applause as the crowd resonated with his vision. Cummings also urged voters in Montserrado District #4 to cast their ballots for the CPP Senatorial candidate, Madam Koiquah, and Representative candidate Lyee Bility.

Madam Koiquah, the sole female senatorial candidate from Montserrado County, urged her supporters to rally behind the entire CPP slate of candidates, emphasizing Mr. Cummings and their legislative contenders.

Lyee Bility, the Representative candidate for Montserrado District #4 and son of CPP Chairman Musa Bility, called on supporters to complete the mission on October 10, 2023. He expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support he and Mr. Cummings received.

This remarkable show of support for the CPP aligns with Cummings’ ongoing success in attracting large crowds during his campaign in Montserrado County. Just last week, he toured Districts #8 and #9, engaging with residents and commuters.

Sharing his experiences on his official Facebook page, Cummings expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you District 9!! Today we campaigned in the District with our CPP Representative Fubbi Franklin by walking in several communities. It is always a pleasure meeting our people, shaking hands and getting some hugs. The joy, best wishes and prayers from them make this journey worth it.”

During a previous tour alongside his vice standard bearer, Charlyne Brumskine, and CPP candidate Martin Kollah in Montserrado County District #6, Cummings stated, “I was happy to join our VSB Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine, CPP candidate Martin Kollah and some first-time voters in District 6 this morning. It is always a pleasure meeting our people during these walks in the communities.

“We will be back in District 6 again soon. The message of Real Change is resonating. We will fix the system and make our country better for all Liberians. Liberians are ready for change and I promise you, REAL CHANGE IS COMING!”

Cummings’ background includes serving as the only Liberian to reach the highest echelons of one of the world’s leading corporate entities, Coca-Cola. As Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, he managed a budget of US$1 billion, a scale far larger than Liberia’s 7.5 million budget. Cummings is confident that his experience at Coca-Cola positions him to utilize his expertise to rebuild Liberia’s struggling economy.

As a commencement speaker at the 32nd Commencement Convocation of AME Zion University, Cummings emphasized the need for a change in direction. He underscored the importance of fixing Liberia’s ailing economy to ensure that future graduates don’t face hopelessness and unemployment. Cummings firmly believes that education and knowledge should empower people, especially disadvantaged families, to improve their circumstances. Regrettably, he noted, this is not the reality for many Liberians who graduate into a jobless future after years of studying and sacrifices made by their parents to pay for their education.


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