Liberia: LEC Responds to Token Distribution Crisis Following System Downtime at Vendor LIBANGO

Monrovia — Amid the recent challenge faced by the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) in distributing electricity tokens to customers due to a cyberattack on its token distribution vendor, LIBANGO, the Corporation says it has henceforth decided to establish alternative vending options, including direct token sales at its customer service centers.

This decision, according to the LEC, is intended to ensure that the customers do not experience the inconvenience they had to face in the past week to purchase tokens.

The downtime at the LIBANGO’s system occurred on August 25 and rendered the entire system inoperative and prevented customers from purchasing tokens. The LEC was, however, not initially equipped for direct retail distribution.

According to the LEC, while LIBANGO has reported that its vending platform is now restored, it is conducting due diligence to ensure that the LIBANGO system remains stable.

Monie Captan, Chief Executive Officer of LEC, expressed gratitude to customers for their patience and commitment to paying for electricity despite the challenges. He emphasized the importance of customer behavior in fostering a culture of responsible electricity consumption.

“In order to avert a repeat of this situation, LEC will put into place permanent alternative vending options, including the direct sale of tokens at its customer service centers,” Mr. Captan stated. “We expect to restore normal service incrementally within the next 72 hours if all goes as planned.”

Meanwhile, LIBANGO, in a press release, issued a formal apology to its valued customers and partners for the disruptions caused by the technical difficulties on its end. They acknowledged the inconvenience faced by LEC customers and expressed their commitment to resolving the issue promptly.

The release explained that unexpected technical challenges had disrupted their services, affecting the purchase of electricity tokens through various channels. LIBANGO has been working closely with LEC to identify and address the root causes of the problem and to implement measures to prevent future occurrences.

LIBANGO acknowledged the frustration and inconvenience experienced by customers and reaffirmed their dedication to providing reliable services. They stressed that they were fully focused on restoring normalcy and improving the stability of their systems.


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