Liberia: Rising Calls for Accountability – Legislative Branch Faces Criticism Over Voting Practices and Calls for Reform

It is a great shame that after all these years, since 1847, The Liberian Legislative branch of government, after increased salary of up to 17,000 US dollars a month is still voting by shouting across the room ” yea and Nah” with absolutely no record of how each legislator is voting for the people to see how they are been represented. Yet, these guys want the public to swallow the ridiculous lie that Weah is responsible for every problem in the system.

Imagine since 1847, our people in the counties were denied all political rights to elect their local leaders ( superintendents…). Today, those exploiting behavior of robbing the poor suffering masses ( 80 % of the population) in the counties still exist. Citizens in the 21st century in Liberia are still denied the right to vote for their county leaders. Yet, politicians want us to believe only one man , named Weah is the cause of all the problems in Liberia. And they want us to see Rebel Yeke and Hon Abe are saviors. How reasonable is that?

Look at our Legislative branch of Government, with two houses of legislators collecting millions in salaries allowances and benefits at the expense of the suffering masses, when one house can do the same job. Have anyone ask the reason why we need two houses? Or do we have to keep two houses because America has two? Do you know how much money we can save by passing constitution amendment to reduce the legislature from two to one house? Leaving us millions to invest in factories/ job creation, agriculture and vocational and Technical Education?

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came into the presidential office with 100% international support, well educated from the top university in America ( Harvard) with vision and top of the line agenda, plus billions in US dollars and she could not eliminate poverty in 12 years. Yet, Liberians are standing in Line behind the belief that, her 80 years old vice president, a former u successful Agriculture minister, that PJ already classified as too old and need his vice president to do his job, will eliminate poverty in 6 years if elected. Does that make sense?

Fellow Liberians, be not deceived. No one man will be elected president to save us from ourselves. Jesus is not coming on October 10th. No messiah will drop from heaven to be elected president with the ability to save us from ourselves.

Yes, God knows we have a big leadership deficit. But that deficit is not limited to the presidency. It is a national disease that is eating up the entire resource base of the country. It exist in every community, in every county.

For over 150 years, the entire resource of the country has been distributed among the elite, the privileged few composed of less than 10% of the population, disguised as government job salaries, allowances and benefits designated for the party that wins the presidency in a dangerous winner take all 1847 outdated political system within a plantation style Monrovia centered governmental establishment.

Until we recognized where our problem lies, all efforts for reform is dead on arrival. Only the people can be the change they seek. As long as we continue to treat Citizens as mere voters and people as receivers of gifts/ consumers not producers, as spectators, not full participants/ builders-fixers in the noble task of nation building, we labor invading for change in Liberia.

Our God given duty as citizens is to come together as a people regardless of tribe, religion, party affiliations and socioeconomic status thru constructively engagement for the good of the country.

God bless Liberia.

Jah Nimene Blamo

Atena international

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