Namibia: New Minimum Wage for Agricultural Sector

The Namibia Agricultural Labour Forum has announced a 10% increase on the minimum wage in the agricultural sector effective from 1 October 2023.

According to a statement issued by the Agricultural Employers’ Association (AEA) on behalf of the forum, the minimum cash wage increases to N$6 per hour or to N$1 170 per month for workers who work 45 hours per week.

“For those who do not receive the free rations portion, their allowance in lieu of rations increases to N$650 per month.

Thus the value of the minimum basic wage of farmworkers will be N$1 820 per month as from 1 October 2023,” said the statement.

The forum comprises the AEA, the Namibia National Farmers’ Union, the Namibia Emerging Commercial Farmers’ Union and the Namibia Farm Workers’ Union.

According to the forum, this minimum wage is an entry level wage in the agricultural sector for young farmworkers without previous experience.

The minimum wage is for the agricultural sector on commercial farmland as well as communal farmland, the statement added.

“The actual salaries paid to farmworkers with experience are much higher. We believe that most workers on farms are better off than general workers in other industries, as farmworkers usually get free housing, rations, water, electricity and firewood while workers in other industries have to utilise the bulk of their salaries for these commodities,” said the forum.

The parties further agreed that future adjustments to the minimum wage in the agricultural sector must be collectively negotiated on an annual basis to be effected on 1 October of each year to equalise the negative effects inflation has on the living standard of farmworkers.

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