Africa: CAF Teams up With Mission 89 to Ensure Football Safeguarding

The Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF) today is joining hands with Mission 89, an internationally recognized research, education and advocacy organisation that fights the exploitation of young athletes through social and economic transformation programmes.

The collaboration will see both parties working hand-in-hand in conducting Training Programmes and Workshops over the next few weeks for more than 100 CAF Safeguarding Focal Points that are spread across CAF’s Member Associations and Zones.

The Safeguarding Focal Points will be capacitated with abilities to identify human trafficking red flags, strategies for safeguarding the youth, and protocols to follow in reporting suspicious activity.

Speaking on the important collaboration and CAF’s position in creating a safe and secure environment for football development, Director of Member Associations Sarah Mukuna said it was important for CAF to form such strategic relationship as part of its own objectives of creating a safe and positive environment for football development on the continent.

“As the official governing body of football in Africa, it is of utmost importance that we assume a leadership role in combatting exploitation and misconduct in the sport. Football holds immense popularity in Africa and serves as a pathway to a brighter future, yet these passions make it susceptible to exploitation,” cautioned Mukuna.

“Hence, we must take action, and we are privileged to join forces with Mission 89. This collaboration arrives at an opportune juncture, as we have been diligently establishing the foundations for ensuring the safety of football across the continent through our recently initiated CAF Safeguarding Programs. We are confident that such collaboration will aid CAF in fostering a safer environment for the advancement of football in Africa,” Mukuna concluded.

Earlier this year (June), CAF partnered with its Member Associations in appointing male and female Safeguarding Focal Points, whose primary role is to promote preventative measures and ensure the well-being of children, youth, women and vulnerable adults in their respective federations and football structures.

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