Ghana: Portion of Ghana-Burkina Faso Road Washed Away At Kaleo

Kaleo — Portions of the Wa-Nadowli Highway in the Nadowli District of the Upper East Region was on Monday washed off due to flooding, creating heavy vehicular traffic on the stretch.

The Kaleo Dam created along the road due to persistent rainfall overflowed its banks and washed away portions of the road.

That made the road narrower and thus two vehicles running from opposite directions could not use that section of the road at the same time.

The Wa Nadowli Highway is the major route in the Nadowli District and links Ghana to Burkina Faso.

The Regional Minister, Dr Hafiz Bin Salih, during an inspection of the road on Tuesday to assess the extent of damage, said water washed away the bitumen on the sides of the road, making it dangerous for vehicles to use the road.

He was accompanied by the Acting Manager at the Ghana Highway Authority, Mr Benjamin Arthur and other stakeholders.

Dr Salih stated that damage to the road had been reported to the Ministry of Roads and Highways for the necessary action to be taken.

He said due to the importance of the road in regional and international travels, temporal work would be done on the affected portions for the road to be used.

The Regional Minister said P&W Ghanem, a road contracting firm in the region, had been contacted to provide estimate on the cost of fixing the road.

Dr Saliah advised commuters and drivers to be cautious on the road and control their movement as well as accommodate each other in order to prevent accidents.

The Acting Manager of the Ghana Highway Authority, Mr Benjamin Arthur, expressed concern that the road would be completely washed off if the damage was not fixed, with the region recording more rains.

The District Coordinating Director, Madam Safia Abdulai, added that the incident was reported to the Highway Authority immediately it happened and appealed for expedited action to fix the damage.

Meanwhile portions of the Nadowli-Babile roads that were washed away by torrential rains in August 2021 were yet to see a permanent facelift after temporal work was done on them.


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