Zimbabwe: 10th Parliament – MPs Sworn Into Office – Vow to Defend Democracy, Serve Constituencies

Members of Parliament who on Thursday took an oath of office vowed to work on a legislative framework that aims to improve their constituencies.

A total of 271 MPs were sworn in by Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda, while eight were absent citing various reasons. One constituency, Gutu West is due for a by-election following the death of a candidate.

Speaking to soon after the ceremony Zanu PF Buhera West MP, Tafadzwa Mugwadi said he was excited to be part of the legislative assembly and would make sure that through government’s initiatives, all youths would be included.

“We will provide a legislative framework that enables us to deliver our goals as MPs. We are going to prioritize nutritional programmes through drilling boreholes. In Buhera West, I will push for those projects for the people in my constituency,” he said.

Cowdry Park (CCC) MP Pashor Sibanda added, “We are here to continue working and serving our people. We have come here with new ideas and reconstructed how Parliament should work.

“We have seen how Parliament has been abused and how people have been incompetent in the National Assembly. We need to make sure we deliver the right thing.”

Kadoma Central MP said he “will address people’s wishes and take positive feedback that leaves people happy and satisfied.”

CCC’s Sunningdale MP Maureen Kademaunga vowed to defend democracy during her term, saying, “As a first Parliamentarian, I have mixed emotions such as celebrating the election win against all odds.

“I am really disappointed in how the recent election was carried out in some constituencies. My task in Parliament is to defend the democracy and freedoms of the people of my party in CCC. My party has brought in young fresh-minded people who are willing to see change. We are also willing to see Zimbabweans having a better quality of life than the one being experienced by citizens.

“We have seen corruption and theft and patronage thriving as a model of an economy. As a woman parliamentarian, I expect to see young girls and women access health services and quality education at all levels.”

Zanu PF’s Tatenda Mavetera of Chikomba West told that she was thrilled that Constitutional Amendment No. 2 brought in 10 Youths through the Youths Quota.

“We are happy with the women’s representation in Parliament now though there is a need for more to come in the August House so that they speak on issues affecting their female counterparts. We need to come up with laws that cater to the disabled so that we do leave anyone behind. Disability should be recognised,” Mavetera said.

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