Zimbabwe: ‘No Diplomatic Impasse Between Zambia and Zimbabwe’

ZAMBIA’S Minister of Information and Media Director Spokesperson Thabo Kawana says there is no diplomatic impasse between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Mr. Kawana says President Hakainde Hichilema was represented by Foreign Affairs Minister Stanley Kabubo at the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa contrary to what some people are saying.

Speaking when he appeared on a phone in program at Mafken radio in Mufulira Mr. Kawana said the relationship between Zambia and Zimbabwe remains cordial.

He further said there was nothing sinister with former head of state EDGAR LUNGU attending the inauguration of Mr. Mnamgagwa.

And Mr. Kawana also insisted that the government is not pursuing the former first family.

He said the law enforcement agencies are pursuing law breakers in line with the law.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kawana assured Zambians that the government is working on reducing the mealie meal prices.

He said the government has put up measures to ensure that the prices of mealie meal are normalized.


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