Kenya: Wetangula Shows His Sporty Side, Engages in Sports With Parliamentary Staff

Nairobi — National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula has emphasised the importance of unity and physical fitness among parliamentary staff.

Speaking during the National Assembly Sports Day at Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, Wetangula noted that Sports Parliament has given priority to sports as a measure aimed at uniting the workforce and keep them fit.

“Sports is one of the areas that Parliament gives priority to and I urge staff to embrace sports,” Wetangula stated.

“I commend the youthful workforce that i have seen here today and encourage them to stay fit through sports for optimum performance,” he added.

He humorously noted, “You all look very fit apart from a few who have excess weight and should shed it off to work effectively.”

Underlining the significance of the Sports Day, Wetang’ula urged all staff members to actively participate in the games, highlighting that the alertness of their minds depended on their physical fitness.

He also emphasized that the Members of Parliament depended on the staff for the effective execution of their mandates, regardless of the department they worked in.

“Whichever department and corner you work, you are very important in Parliament. All of us who work in any office contribute greatly to the success of the 13th Parliament,” he affirmed.

The Speaker reflected on the progress of Parliament since he joined the house in 1993.

He recounted the challenges faced by the staff in the past, such as abrupt transfers to different ministries without notice.

However, he assured them that under his administration, he aimed to make all staff permanent, with exceptions for those who lacked the necessary qualifications.

“I salute the catering department that did an excellent job to ensure MPs voted for me as their Speaker,” Wetang’ula added, acknowledging the efforts of various departments in Parliament.

He encouraged the staff to give their best in sports, drawing inspiration from his own sports background, particularly soccer during his time at Kamusinga School.

He also praised the recent achievements of Kenyan athletes, like Faith Kipyegon and Nancy Moraa, who have brought honor to the nation.

Speaker Wetangula concluded by emphasizing unity among the parliamentary staff, noting that they played a crucial role in overseeing the Judiciary and Executive as an arm of the government.

He urged everyone to “play well and succeed as one with unity.”

The National Assembly Sports Day saw enthusiastic participation from the staff, fostering a sense of camaraderie and fitness among its members, all in alignment with Speaker Wetangula’s vision for a more vibrant and efficient parliamentary workforce.

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