Mozambique: Civic Education Agents Found With Frelimo Propaganda

In the densely populated neighbourhood of Namicopo, a stronghold of Renamo, in Nampula city, a group of five people were intercepted by Renamo members. They identified themselves as electoral civic education agents, but they were undertaking Frelimo Party political activities. In their rucksacks were found Frelimo Party t-shirts, flags, caps and leaflets, voter cards belonging to two women, and Frelimo Party lists containing the names of potential voters.

Three of the five agents who were campaigning door-to-door ran away when they were discovered, and the other two were neutralised.

One of the supposed electoral civic education agents had been a member of the voter registration brigades, and he had prevented one of the Renamo youths from registering. The Renamo member recognised him and remembered the incident. The former member of the voter registration brigade admitted that he had prevented the Renamo member from registering, but said they were not there now as brigade members but as civic education agents.

The Renamo member asked the former brigade member neutralised by the Renamo members in Namicopo: “do you remember that day when you stopped me from registering? He replied: brother, that’s there and not here, let’s leave it for another time”.

As for the list of names, the electoral civic education agent said it belonged to his colleague who had run away, and had been hidden in his briefcase. He said his colleague had told him the list was intended to control the members of Frelimo.


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