Nigeria: Zulum in Oxford, Addresses Int’l Retreat On Borno’s Peace-Building

The Borno State governor, Babagana Zulum, is currently in Oxford, United Kingdom, where he addressed a group of participants at a four-day working retreat that aims to strengthen Borno’s peace-building efforts through attracting more support from the international community.

The retreat, which focuses on support for victims of Boko Haram attacks and managing repentant insurgents, is holding at the University of Oxford from September 13 to 16, 2023.

The retreat has the theme: “Strengthening the Borno Model” of peace-building in terms of improving pathways to the successes recorded in encouraging mass exit of Boko Haram fighters and addressing shortcomings of the model.

The retreat was organised by UK based Inter Mediate, a registered charity institution working towards ending armed conflicts around the world.

The charity body is partnering with “(international) experts on the development of implementation plans on transitional justice and strategic communications, and to set out a vision for the next phase of the Borno Model within the context of Nigeria’s wider peace strategy”.

Zulum arrived in the UK on Wednesday evening and was hosted to a welcome dinner at the first college in the University of Oxford.

Governor Zulum on Thursday made a presentation titled “The Borno Model- a strategic vision for the next phase (results, ambition and challenges).”

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