Nigeria: Oil Firms Consider Remote Monitoring Tools for Pipeline Protection

Key oil and gas experts are gathering in Italy to brainstorm on a number of options to support drive towards securing oil pipelines and improve transportation of oil and gas especially through volatile environments.

Decision makers from oil and gas companies, leading pipeline operators, EPCs, storage operators as they gather would discuss the latest pipeline industry trends and solutions at Transportation Oil & Gas Congress, TOGC 2024, scheduled to in Milan, Italy, on February, 19-20, 2024.

Smart solutions and technologies for digital transformation are among the topics of TOGC 2024, as oil and gas companies see more opportunities for the application of a wide range of rapidly maturing equipment and tools. As the industry is moving towards the world of digitalisation, speakers are going to present the strategies on digital transformation, and share their thoughts on robotics usage, AI and ML implementation, and AR and VR utilisation.

“The most important thing is the artificial intelligence-based analyses because day by day the machines and the performance of the oil and the pipelines can be changed. So, the system should analyse it and create solutions for yourself because it is the future of the business society” – said Gökhan Dönmez, Sales Manager of Sulzer.

Decision-makers of the companies also discover new solutions for the pipeline integrity maintenance within the Congress: in-line inspection tools and cases, corrosion protection, remote monitoring tools, drones and UAVs. For example, remote monitoring tools like satellites allow companies to monitor pipelines in no-fly zones for aircrafts and drones, as well as to provide a view of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and land surfaces to track possible geohazards.

The benefits of satellite remote monitoring is going to be discussed in frames of the Congress by Daniel Seidel, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at LiveEO. He is going to talk about complementing pipeline integrity management with satellite analytics to detect geohazards and third-party activity at scale.

Remote monitoring tools and other topics related to trends of the oil and gas industry are going to be discussed at TOGC 2024, which brings together C-level audiences and leading technical specialists. Delegates from Bonatti, Sicim, INGL, Eni, ICGB, Exolum, OGE, DESFA, Saipem, Techint Engineering & Construction, Wood, TÜPRAŞ, Moldovagaz are already registered for participation.

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