Kenya: DCI Launch Probe Into Gang of Four Preying on Bank Customers

Nairobi — Detectives are investigating a criminal gang of four men operating within Nairobi and its environs with their modus operandi being targeting of bank customers.

According to DCI, as the clientele go about their businesses in the banking halls, a member of the ring who also poses as a customer monitors and identifies targets, usually those withdrawing large amounts of cash, before signaling his accomplices who are often stationed at the parking area.

Using a hired vehicle that bears false registration numbers, the DCI says the gang trails their targets to a spot of choice before striking the victims and stealing their valuables including money.

“In some cases, victims suffer grievous harm,” the DCI said Monday.

In one such incident on October 7, the gang targeted a customer at Parklands as he walked out of DTB Bank house at Diamond Plaza.

Oblivious of the gang and its mode of operation, the to-be victim placed a sum of Sh1.5 million in his Mazda CX5 vehicle, which was at the parking lot, locked the vehicle and stepped to a nearby shop to pick an item.

“The man would only return a short moment later to find himself poorer than he had left home,” says the agency.

The gang which was using a Nissan Note bearing fake registration numbers had swiftly broken into his car and fled with the cash.

The incident was reported at DCI Parklands and investigations are ongoing.

The DCI called on the public to help to share relevant information with detectives that could lead to the arrest of the victim.


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