Africa: CAF Successfully Kicks Off CLOP) Workshop Drive in Zambia

The rollout of the CAF Club Licensing Platform (CLOP) is fast gaining momentum, as Member Associations and Leagues across the continent continue to adopt and implement the innovative system that has been designed by CAF to assist clubs and federations in digitizing their operations.

Working closely with the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) and the Zambian Premier League, CAF piloted its 54 Member Association CLOP Workshop Drive, which is set to be rolled out across the continent as part of CAF’s continued efforts of helping clubs across all its Member Associations digitize their operations through the uniquely designed CLOP system that is set to revolutionise football administration in Africa.

The first of many workshops that are to be rolled out over the next few months kicked off in Lusaka, where CAF, FAZ and the Zambia Premier League hosted a two-day workshop (30 – 31 October) with 18 Club Chief Executive Officers and General Secretaries gathering for an in-depth workshop designed to equip clubs and assist them in fully utilizing the system.

The CAF Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP) is an electronic tool system designed to manage the licensing process and stadium inspections for continental and domestic competitions.

As part of its features, CLOP also facilitates smooth gathering and real-time visualization of the documents submitted by the licence applicants (clubs), registration of players and clubs, enables CAF to monitor the licensing procedure not only for CAF Interclub competitions but also for the national competitions and allows for the effective gathering of data about clubs in Africa.

Sharing his acknowledgement of the system and its benefits, FAZ President, Mr Andrew Kamanga said it was important that African clubs embrace the use of technology as it would improve their ability of running their affairs in a more professional manner.

“In the era of digitalisation, we have to continue to embrace technology and the CLOP is one way in which clubs can continue to run their affairs professionally. Today is one such platform that will equip you with the knowledge of managing the game”, said the FAZ President.

Concluding the successful two-day workshop, CAF Head of Proffesional Football, Muhammad Sidat said the workshop marked an exciting start to the journey that CAF was taking in fully rolling out the CLOP system across the continent.

“We are exceptionally proud at how well received CLOP has been here in Zambia. This clearly demonstrates that football clubs in Africa are open to, and excited at the prospect of making use of technology to better administrate and govern their operations. We are embarking on a continental drive of ensuring that each of our Member Associations, Leagues and Clubs are well equipped to make use and benefit from the system in their respective counties” said Sidat.

The next stop for the CLOP Workshop will be in Malawi, with the rest of the workshop dates to be communicated by CAF in due course.

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