Kenya: Govt Warns Politicians Against Meddling in Security Operations

Nairobi — The government has warned political leaders across the country against interference with ongoing security operations in the battle against banditry and crime.

Interior Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kindiki, emphasized the importance of giving security agents the necessary time and space to enforce law and order throughout the nation.

Speaking during his visit to Laikipia County on Thursday, CS Kindiki underscored the need to separate security operations from politics, ethnicity, culture, religion, or other affiliations when addressing criminal activities committed by various elements, including terrorists.

“Political and other leaders must refrain from politicizing security matters or trying to meddle with security operations to allow the organs and agencies of our national security to wage a decisive, ruthless, and conclusive war against the impunity and terror of banditry,” he said and warned that those who have exploited banditry for political or commercial purposes are running out of time.

During the visit, Kindiki met with the Rift Valley Regional Security and Intelligence Committee, Laikipia County Security Team, and local operation commanders at Survey Police Post in Ol Moran Division, Laikipia North Constituency.

The Interior CS issued a stark warning to politicians, cautioning them of severe consequences if they are found to have interfered with security operations, including the ongoing Operation Maliza Uhalifu in the North Rift region. He revealed that the government had already questioned several politicians in connection with banditry activities in the North Rift and pledged that these efforts would continue.

Kindiki emphasized that the government’s focus now extends to dismantling the commercial, political, and cultural infrastructure that supports banditry. The Interior CS declared the government’s determination to permanently dismantle the intricate structure of banditry by targeting its supporters, beneficiaries, accessories, planners, and executors.

He assured that the multi-agency security officers deployed in the six North Rift Valley Counties would remain on the ground for the long term until the banditry issue is eradicated.

Kindiki commended the security agents for their relentless efforts and sacrifices in protecting the nation and its citizens. He attributed the progress made in the battle against banditry over the last eight months to the unwavering dedication of the multi-agency security teams operating throughout the country.

“We commend the officers for their diligence, commitment, and patriotism in tackling the armed criminals who, for years, terrorized innocent residents and impoverished them economically,” he stated.


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