Kenya: Queen Camila Visits Donkey Rescue Center in Nairobi

Nairobi — Animal welfare firm Brooke East Africa (BEA) yesterday welcomed Queen Camila at its donkey facility in Nairobi, pointing out the role of women in animal conservation.

Camila is the wife of British monarch King Charles III.

“Donkeys serve as lifelines for women in vulnerable communities, helping them carry out essential tasks and earn a livelihood,” BEA East Africa Regional Director Raphael Kinoti said.

“The visit by Her Majesty shed light on the critical need to prioritize and place people, especially women, at the heart of animal welfare efforts, recognizing the vital connection between the well-being of working equines and the empowerment of the women who rely on them,” Kinoti added.

Queen Camilla, who is the organization’s patron, visited the facility to understand donkeys’ welfare in the country.

Brooke and the Kenya Society for the Protection & Care of Animals (KSPCA) rescue animals such as donkeys from abuse and neglect by rehoming them. Their work also enhances the livelihoods of Kenya’s vulnerable communities.

For example, BEA hosts donkeys from several parts of the country, including Mwea in central Kenya.

“By visiting us today, the Queen has helped to shine a light on the brilliant work of animal welfare charities here in Kenya and the challenges we face,” KSPCA CEO Emma Naylor-Ngugi said.

“Both Brooke East Africa and the KSPCA work hard to raise animal welfare standards and address the root causes of animal and human suffering,” she added.


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