Uganda: NSSF Warns Employers Against Evading Remittance

The acting NSSF Deputy Managing Director, Gerald Paul Kasaato has warned employers against disguising their workers as interns to evade remitting their monthly contribution.

During the regional employers meeting for Eastern Uganda and Karamoja, Kasaato said they are advocating for all interns who receive monthly payments start contributing to NSSF as well.

“There are also employers who disguise their contracts they have with their employees as interns but it becomes unusual if one is an intern for four years,”Kasaato said.

He also noted that some employers under declare the actual salaries for the employees so as to pay less in NSSF contributions.

“We understand that some employers under declare the salaries of their employees as a way of trying to beat the system but this should stop.”

The NSSF officials also highlighted the projection of the Fund’s assets for the next 10 years expected to reach shs50 trillion by 2035 but also gave employees and employers tips of benefiting from it.

“We are aiming to cover 50% of the working population of Uganda. Right now, we are still at only 12% but by 2035 we should be at 50%. We also aim to get 95% staff engagement and 95% customer satisfaction.”

The regional employers meeting is a platform where employers interact with NSSF officials for accountability purposes and fostering exchange of new ideas.


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