Africa: Sacked Africa Staff Say Twitter Ghosted Them, Want to Take Elon Musk to Court

Harare — Fired employees of Twitter (now known as  X) are threatening to file a lawsuit against the business for allegedly not providing the promised redundancy money, BBC reports.

When the social networking site informed them they were dismissed in November 2022, the majority of them were only employed for a few months. According to the report, BBC repeatedly asked X for a statement, but X responded with a smiling poo emoji among other things. The response for a more recent effort was “Busy now, please check back later.”

In the past, the business said it paid out its entire employee base. Following his takeover of the business last year, Elon Musk fired over 6,000 workers as part of a huge worldwide staff purge after he said they’re losing over U.S.$4 million per day.

Fewer than 20 Africans worked at the new office in Acraa, Ghana, after spending around eight months working from home during the Covid-19 outbreak. Former employees reportedly said that they suffered financial and mental troubles as a result of X’s treatment.

They said that at first, they were informed that even though their contracts were ending, they would still get paid for their work for an additional month. However, they lost access to their emails shortly thereafter, and they stopped receiving salaries. The employees said that since then, they’ve been engaged in a year-long dispute with X over remuneration.

The parties reportedly decided in September that a settlement and all talks would have to be finished by the latest October 5, but this was only the most recent of X’s numerous missed deadlines.

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