Kenya: Museveni Says Ban On Petroleum Purchases From Kenya Due to Inflated Prices By Middlemen

Nairobi — Uganda President Yoweri Museveni now says the decision to ban fuel purchases from Kenya was due to inflated prices by middlemen by up to 59 percent thus causing avoidable pain on consumers.

In a statement on his X account Museveni explained that a sizeable amount of the 2 billion dollars paid for the 2.5 billion litres of petroleum it imports consists of inflated fees by middlemen.

“Without my knowledge, our wonderful People, were buying this huge quantity of petroleum products from middlemen in Kenya. A whole country buying from middlemen in Kenya or anywhere else!! Amazing but true,” he stated.

“Why not buy from the Refineries abroad and transport through Kenya and Tanzania, cutting out the cost created by middlemen? Those involved were not bothered by these issues.”


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