Liberia: Plot Against Speaker Chambers!

…NEC staff caught on tape

A voice recording which suggests admission to an organized anti-electoral plot against the re-election bid of House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, as representative of Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County, has been openly and widely making rounds in Monrovia.

The alleged admittance was purportedly made by an Electoral Supervisor of the National Elections Commission- NEC, Cece Munah Nimely, assigned in Pleebo Sodoken District, during the conduct of the Legislative and Presidential elections.

Miss. Nimely allegedly exposed the organized anti-electoral cartel against Dr. Bhofal Chambers’ re-election bid in a leaked audio.

“I’m going to steal ballot papers since the people do not know how to vote. So my attention was, I gave him the ballot papers then he gave it to the people”, she narrated.

According to her, after realizing that Dr. Bhofal Chambers had accumulated massive votes across Pleebo and its surroundings, such a plan was formulated aimed at stuffing the ballot boxes in Old Sodoken.

She also admitted that tallying of results from Old Sodoken, were delayed in order to accomplish the plot against Dr. Bhofal Chambers.

The NEC Electoral Supervisor, Miss Nimely, admitted to buttressing and endorsing a request to stuff the ballot boxes in favor of Anthony Williams, an act which contravenes the electoral law of Liberia.

She furthered that the cartel’s blanche authority or latitude made her to unilaterally execute such a fiendish or evil plan to overturn the legitimate decision of the people.

“Anything that is supposed to happen passes through the Supervisor and the Presiding Officer. You Know how that whole thing looks, the tallying? The thing nen we can take from in the field, da it, nen can put in da system and nobody can change it!”, she spoke unlawfully.

Miss Nimely added that with her involvement, the ballot boxes were stuffed adequately to the disadvantaged of Dr. Bhofal Chambers, the democratic winner of the election.

Meanwhile, the public admittance by the National Elections Commission Electoral Supervisor, Miss Nimely, reportedly suggests vote rigging against Dr. Bhofal Chambers, during the October polls. By staff writer

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