Ethiopia: NDC Working On Conducting Exemplary Nat’l Dialogue

ADDIS ABABA-The National Dialogue Commission (NDC) said it is working to conduct a successful a National Dialogue that would be an exemplary in Africa involving numerous people on various agendas.

In an interview with Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), NDC Commissioner Ambassador Mohamud Dirir said that Africa has experienced several national dialogues.

However, the agenda of all the dialogues were to fix a single or a few problems that is how the forthcoming Ethiopian National Dialogue will be the first event to table several agendas at a time, he said adding that the number of participants is also projected to be the largest.

“We cannot clearly define what agenda will be discussed in the dialogue, because preparations to identify agendas are yet incomplete. But, public comments indicate the existence of several agendas which need a dialogue,” he noted.

For him, the Rwandan National Dialogue appears to be one of the best National Dialogues conducted in Africa as it was held to resolve a destructive conflict between two ethnic groups.

Ambassador Mohamud relates this experience with the upcoming Ethiopian National Dialogue that would involve many ethnic groups.

He also indicted that preparations are being carried out to make the Ethiopian National Dialogue more participatory and inclusive.

Preliminary discussions with political parties, civil society organizations, community leaders and governmental officials are being held, he mentioned.

The commissioner also urged all Ethiopians and Ethiopian Diasporas to take part in the National Dialogue processes as it is the ultimate solution to resolve disputes happening in the country.




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