Nigeria: Kannywood Musicians Visit Buhari, Pledge Loyalty Despite Rarara’s ‘Betrayal’

The delegation was led by famous singer, Ali Jita.

Kannywood music stars and loyalists of ex-president Muhammadu Buhari and the APC have visited him in Daura, Katsina State, where he currently resides.

The musicians, under the aegis of the One Voice Association, visited Mr Buhari to pledge their continuous support and loyalty despite the expiration of his tenure.

The delegation was led by its chairperson, famous singer Ali Jita.

The visit came on the heels of a recent outburst by one of their colleagues Dauda Kahuta Rarara who accused Mr Buhari’s regime of non-performance.

An associate of one of the singers, Suleiman Hassan, who was familiar with the visits, told PREMIUM TIMES Tuesday that the singers were in Daura to pledge their allegiance to Mr Buhari despite Mr Rarara’s remarks.

He said, ” Yes, the visit was just to greet the former president. But also, they are there to let the president know they will always support him. There was no mention of Rarara, but the former president heard what Rarara said about him and his government. He benefited more than any of the musicians in the north”.

Rarara’s outburst

Me Rarara, the ex-president’s lead Hausa Musician, at a press conference in Kano on 26 October, monitored by this newspaper, criticised Mr Buhari, describing his government as a total failure which plunged Nigeria and Nigerians into the crisis they are in now.

Mr Rarara was quoted as having said, “The three months of President Ahmad Bola Tinubu’s Government is better than Buhari’s eight years because he has nothing to show for it.

“I regretted supporting Buhari because we were optimistic that Buhari will fix this country. But we did not see it till he finished his administration. Buhari’s administration damaged every parastatal of the government. He is a total failure.

“I am supposed to be given at least a ministerial spot and two top political appointments for my cronies because of the contribution I gave to the success of APC. I deserve that. For Buhari, he was just a mistake and a total failure, and he regretted supporting him.

Mr Rarara was one of the most celebrated APC singers during the Buhari era. This was why his outburst came as a shock to many in the north

Hassan Lawal, a Kannywood filmmaker, told this newspaper that Mr Rarara’s remarks made him unhappy and shocked.

He said: “When I watched the video, I almost cried. This is what we call a betrayal of the highest order. Because of Buhari, his cronies made Rarara a Billionaire in the north. He has bodyguards from Abuja.

“He is so wealthy that he gives out cars and money to even his colleagues. Now, he is biting the fingers that fed him. Although coming from him is not too surprising. He did that to Shekarau of Kano, Kwankwaso, and now Ganduje and overall Buhari”

Purpose of the visit

Immediately after Mr Rarara’s outburst criticising ex-president Buhari’s government, the One Voice Association group distanced itself from his comments.

At a press briefing in Kano on 31 October, the group’s vice chairperson, Ado Gwanja, told the press that they plan to visit Buhari in Daura to seek his forgiveness on what they termed a baseless outburst by Dauda Rarara against him.

“And we are disassociating ourselves from whatever Rarara said against Buhari. It is never in our habits and does not represent us because we respect our leaders and any other person that deserves respect”.

The spokesperson of the Association, Muhammad Birniwa, also dissociated the group from Mr Rarara. “Rarara spoke for himself, and he does not represent us or our views, emotions and values,” he said.


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