Ethiopia: Outrivaling Together in Tourism Sector

Recently, Deputy Head of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia said that China is committed to working with Ethiopia in the field of tourism. Indeed, Ethiopia and China have the opportunity to work together in the tourism sector. According to the Deputy Head, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China has also identified Ethiopia as a new destination among 30 countries.

This is also the clearest indication that the Chinese government has strong interest to work with the government of Ethiopia. Certainly, the Ministry has taken praiseworthy measure which plays significant roles in strengthening the relations of the nations.

Positively, as the two countries continue working in the tourism sector, global tourists particularly, many Chinese tourists will continue coming to Ethiopia. Following the introduction of the national reform, the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has given considerable attention for expanding the eco-tourism sites that can play crucial roles for the growth of the sector in different parts of the country.

Since the Chinese government established an investment-friendly environment with Ethiopia, their cooperation has been fruitful. Interestingly, the partnership is increasing to benefit the peoples from both sides.

Moreover, Ethiopia and China share more than three thousand years of ancient civilization which helps them to achieve better results as they jointly cultivate their potential resources in the tourism sector. Documents indicate that the two nations have ancient heritages that attract the attentions of researchers in the sector. And the comprehensive strategic partnership that China and Ethiopia have developed will allow them to exploit their ancient and historical heritage potential.

Chinese determination to work with Ethiopia unquestionably encourages Ethiopia to continue its endeavor to explore wider possibilities that bring about change in the tourism industry since it is endowed with high tourism potentials. The cooperation will surely maximize the mutual benefits

Furthermore, for several decades, the two countries have been enjoying positive diplomatic relations that have grown to all weather strategic partnership to maximize the benefits of the peoples of both nations. Profitably, the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership which has recently elevated into “All Weather Strategic Cooperation Partnership” will indisputably excel the growing bilateral relations. This also helps them to continue enjoying mutual understanding and support on issues of respective core interests and major concerns.

As the global tourism trade continues increasing and global economic integration and the continuous advancement of trade liberalization have flourished, the determination of the Chinese government to work with Ethiopia is a timely and proper measure. Since Ethiopia has interwoven the tourism development with the green economy, its strategy goes beyond adding vitality to local economic development; it produces significant results in reducing global warming.

In sum, Ethiopia and China have longstanding economic and diplomatic relations. The Chinese companies have been carrying huge investments that have reinforced the economic and trade cooperation besides accomplishing their corporate social responsibilities through providing humanitarian assistance. And the recent initiation the Chinese government took to work together with Ethiopia in the tourism sector is a showcase how the two countries share a common goal to achieve economic prosperity. This assuredly maximizes the achievement of both countries as they continue exploring their historical and ancient heritages.


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