Kenya: PS Njogu Apologises for Sh1mn Error in Gazette Notice Indicating New ID, Passport Charges

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 9 – Diaspora Affairs Principal Secretary Roseline Njogu has apologized over the Special Gazette Notice indicating a spike in the fees for the processing of permanent residences for children of Kenyan citizens born abroad.

According to the gazette notice issued Wednesday, the fee to process the children has increased to Sh1 million up from Sh100,000 sparking a heated conversation on various social media platforms.

Njogu through a post shared on her official X app account would later clarify the issue, attributing the quoted amount to an error.

“I have engaged with PS Immigration and Citizen Services Bitok. He has assured me that the Permanent Residence fees for children of Kenyan citizens were entered in error. This fee applies to children of foreigners seeking PR. As I had explained, children of a citizen acquire citizenship by birth.” she posted.

She further revealed that Measures to rectify the Gazette notice had already been taken, calling on Kenyans to pardon the ministry for the anxiety caused.

The government in its latest review has increased the fees for various services including application of Identification Cards which will now cost Sh1,000.Replacing lost ID’s will now cost Sh2000 up from Sh100.

Other services affected include visa application where Kenyans applying for ordinary visa will now have part with Sh7,500 a departure from the usual Sh4,500 application fees.


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