Ethiopia: Unbreakable Bond, Unshakable Resolve!

Situated in the strategic yet volatile region of the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia and Djibouti have enjoyed strong Comradery and friendship tied by unbreakable people-to-people bonds. The amicable relationship lasted decades and could be serving as the hallmark of win-win cooperation accompanied by mutual respect.

Against all the odds in the region, the two countries have continued enjoying a warm and rosier period of economic cooperation. The partnership is one of the best examples of regional cooperation and can set a worth-sharing model for Africa and beyond.

The long-standing diplomatic relations that harken back to 1984 continue to gain momentum over the years and in all spheres. With Ethiopia largely dependent on Djibouti port for its import and export of goods, the latter imports fresh fruits and water from the former.

Also connected by power grids, both nations have been going through a rosier period of cooperation even during regional complications. It is also no exaggeration that the relationship is seen as one of the most stable and smooth ties contributing immensely to the peace and security of the conflict-stricken area. Both nations have chosen to swim together expanding their bilateral cooperation in various areas. The inseparable bond has endured through the ages and remained the same under all leaderships.

Attached by geography, glued by similar culture, ethnicity, and languages, Ethiopian and Djibouti peoples have various things in common and share the same destiny. Over the years, the partnership in infrastructural connectivity gained a boost. The cooperation bolsters socio-economic development in both countries. As much as the opportunities, both nations face common threats. The increased militarization, piracy, terrorism, and unlawful human and arms trafficking are among the few to mention. In this regard, the two nations have inked various agreements and have been collaborating to overcome the challenges. Their resolve was very much demonstrated in the fight against the terrorist Al-Shibab group. The unshakable stand of the leaders of both countries has also been instrumental in sustaining the amicable tie.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Djibouti Birhanu Tsagaye affirmed that the long-standing diplomatic relations between the two countries continue to strengthen in all spheres.

The two countries have been working in partnership and based on mutual benefits in the areas of water, roads, railways, electric power, ports, and other vital development sectors. The countries are enjoying encouraging cooperation in the areas of political, economic, trade, and infrastructure based on mutual trust, the ambassador stated, adding that the nations’ dedication to helping one another and conquering obstacles in tandem.

Unfortunately and ashamedly, some naysayers and merchants of conflicts have tried to take the Prime Minister’s speech regarding the Red Sea out of context. These elements have been spewing false information claiming that Ethiopia poses a threat to neighboring countries in relation to its interests in the Red Sea. This baseless claim and smear campaign cannot spoil the longstanding tie.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has made clear that it has no intention of deploying force to ensure its interest in the Red Sea. And, the country’s proposal only plays into a give-and-take approach. It is Ethiopia’s conviction that using the Red Sea in a win-win approach will benefit the wider region and pave the way for collective growth. In this regard, it must be noted that neither silly propaganda nor evil actions will damage the ever-expanding relations. However, the neighboring nations need to continue staying on the same page to counter real and perceived threats that would go against their interests.

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