Nigeria: Forum Raises Alarm Over Alleged Plans to Rearrest Emefiele

The Nigerian Patriotic Forum (NPF) has expressed deep concern over plans by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to re-arrest Mr. Emefiele, despite a court order granting him bail after 151 days in detention.

The Forum, in a statement signed on Thursday by its President, Samuel Lawson Ajibade, urged the EFCC to respect the judiciary and cautioned against using the anti-graft agency as a tool for witch-hunting or political vendettas.

“The court order that granted bail to Mr. Emefiele was issued after careful consideration of the evidence provided and must be respected,” Ajibade stated.

The move by the EFCC, which the Forum alleges has received presidential authorization, raises significant concerns about the state of Nigeria’s democracy and the potential erosion of key democratic principles.

The NPF warned that such actions directly undermine the independence of the judiciary and flout established court orders, posing a direct threat to the country’s democratic system.

Ajibade further affirmed, “The judiciary serves as the beacon of hope for every Nigerian, regardless of their social status or influence. It is imperative that the judiciary remains steadfast in asserting its authority as the last bastion of defense for the common man.”

The Forum called on all stakeholders, including the government, judiciary, and law enforcement agencies, to ensure justice is served and the sanctity of the judicial process upheld.

They also requested the international and business communities to focus their attention on Emefiele’s situation, emphasizing that no business can thrive where the rule of man supersedes the rule of law.

Finally, the NPF cautioned the EFCC Chairman to remember the fate of his predecessors, reminding him that power is transient.

The Forum’s message is clear – the rule of law must always be upheld, and any transgression against it is a step towards anarchy.


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