Uganda: The Chiefdom of the Queen of Busoga Jovia Mutesi

286 years ago, the Bunha chiefdom where the 4th Inhebantu of Busoga Jovia Mutesi was born was formed as one of the crucial chiefdoms that unite the people of Busoga. Today we bring you the history of this chiefdom which carries the prestigious opportunity of mothering the Inebantu.

Among the 11 chiefdoms that make up the Busoga kingdom, Bunha chiefdom is where the queen of Busoga Jovia Mutesi originates from and is among the 5 crucial chiefdoms of the Busoga kingdom.

Busoga’s documented history shows that Bunha chiefdom began way back in 1737 and became a British protectorate in 1896 during the time of John Speke’s arrival in Busoga.

Magamaga, Bakatuube, Mayuge town council, Mpungwe, Bayita Mbogwe, Imanhiro and Buwaaya are the 8 sub-counties that makeup Bunha chiefdom in the Mayuge District.

Just like any other cultural institution, the chiefdom is ruled by the royal chief who holds the title of Luba, the serving being Godfrey Mukajanga the 8th.

Surrounded by Lake Victoria, this chiefdom right from its formation, the people within are the Baiseminha’s of Ababiito belonging to different clans with different cultures.

The Bunha chiefdom has a prime minister ” Katuukiro” just like any other cultural institution, the current one being Jimmy Patrick Mudhungu.

Katuukiro Mudhungu reveals that the Bunha kingdom being one of the largest, has seen the creation of other chiefdoms including Bunhole.

Buhna kingdom is not only rich in religious sites like Bishop James Hannington’s site in Kyando but also rich in historical sites such as the Fort Luba slavery point which was a slave market in the early days.

In Bunha West constituency right in the centre of Mayuge town Kyebando Parish is St Mulumba village where the inhebantu is born.

Stanley Bayole a politician and a current RDC of Bulambuli district is the father to the Inebantu.

Bayole says they belong to the Bayise Mugosa clan and the ennyonyi ennyange ” white bird” is their totem.

Godfrey Mwanja the Bayise Mugosa clan leader says more about the historical Bayise Mugosa clan which the Inebantu belongs to.

Mwanja adds that the Bayise Mugosa clan plays a key role in this region.

According to Bayole, the incoming inhebantu is his first child.

Leaders in Bunha chiefdom believe that the opportunity to have the Inebantu from their chiefdom will grow its status.


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