Liberia: CDC Retracts Statements Against ECC, Commits to Free And Fair Elections

Monrovia — The Coalition for Democratic Change, after a more careful scrutiny of a circulated video purporting to show Elections Coordinating Committee’s Chairman Oscar Bloh’s participation in a political party meeting, wishes to publish a retraction of that mistaken assumption, and regrets the situation.

The Coalition for Democratic Change, consumed by the desire to ensure all parties and institutions (including the CDC) play fair in the ongoing electoral process, hastened to conclusion without a more thorough evaluation of relevant details.

As a responsible political institution that prides itself on upholding high standards, the CDC is also not ashamed to admit discernible mistakes and take corrective measures when necessary.

Henceforth, while withdrawing statements of complaint against the ECC’s Executive Director followed by an apology, the CDC wishes to reassure its development partners that it remains committed to the conduct of free, fair, transparent and nonviolent democratic elections in Liberia.


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